What do you do if you do not have enough time to go on longer trips to frame the world around you? Since a couple of weeks, I have the problem that I do not find any time to go out and take photographs. I would have time to roam downtown and try to get some nice street photography frames. But that is not really my piece of cake.

I was just sitting on the balcony, drinking some tea and hanging around with my thoughts while watching wonderful formations of clouds passed by. After a while, I grabbed my camera, mounted a tele lens and framed some formations. In the evening, I started to take a look on these frames and found they provide wonderful opportunities for post-processing. Clouds show so many distinct shades of grey. It is just in the hand of the person who does the post-processing to get the right mood out of a photograph of clouds.

 The next time I ‘hunted’ cloud formation, I tried having the final frame in mind. Certainly, this does not always work. But on the figure below, I had exactly this vision. I wanted to create a photograph that looks more like a stormy sea from above the clouds than a skyscape. I really felt in love with this photograph…