Editing a body of work

Editing photographs can be a time consuming task. It would be so much nicer if your camera would be connected to your brain and you take the image that you see with your inner eye. Everything would be right framed, colors would be just as you intended to be and the point of view would be perfect.

Unfortunately, the camera is not connected to our brain and we have to do some post-processing to get to the final frame. During my last photo walk I had this inspiration of getting a couple of frames processed in the same way. Trying not to post-process several frames too differently. All photos should have the same kind of look. They should transport the same I felt while I was out there. It was a quite cold and cloudy day. Clouds were just hanging in the sky like big and dangerous pillows. But there was also a tiny bit of blue sky giving hope. 

 To express the feelings I had, I have chosen a ‘Graduate Filter’ to darken the sky so that it is getting more prominent. Additionally, I adjusted ‘Luminance’ and ‘Saturation’ of green, blue, and purple. In a last step, the ‘Tone curve’ for blue and green was lowered a little to get the desired effect. For all frames, I kept the post-processing very similar. I just made some minor corrections on the filter for each frame. I posted all pictures of this body of work on my Picasa page. There you can find some blurry photographs too. I played a little with longer exposure times and moving the camera while exposing the scenery. I might write an short essay about this technique. 

Check  out my new photographs and feel free to send me comments or requests for prints. 

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