Autumn reflections

Autumn finally arrived. Days are getting shorter. Rain is falling almost every day. Temperature is and nights are getting pretty cold already. Autumn is a good time of a year to reflect achievements and to set or reset goals for the next year(s). Just sit down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and think about what you have done during the last year. Was there any spectacular photo you have made?

Besides reflecting what did yu achieve during the last months it is also a good time to refine skills or learn something totally new. Or take a look on some videos. I just started to watch the “The Created Image Video Series Vol.1” series. The videos were recorded during the Created Image Conference earlier this year. I have to admit it is even fun to watch it. David duChemin is a very good entertainer and he tells lots of personal stories during his ‘lectures’.

 ‘It’s not important how we create, but that we create’ [Freeman Patterson] 

Line of trees