Old photos

Last night, I have taken a look on old photos and selected some that I will upload during the next weeks. I just realize that most of the pictures need a second round of post-processing as I am not very satisfied how they look like or there is too much dust visible in the sky. It has taken a while till I discovered how to remove dust from pictures. Particularly, dust is a problem in pictures with large homogeneous areas (e.g. sky, snow).

I managed to post-process and upload a couple of picture today. I think it is easiest if you just take a look and click on 'Portfolio' in the top-right area. There you find my different collection. Just click on one of the collection to see all the photos inside a particular one.

The picture below is one of my all-time favorites. I like straight lines in photos that divide pictures into two or more parts. The photo quite old. I took it in 2006 just a couple of weeks after I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D80 (which I still use as a backup body). Before that, I have taken hardly any photos. Film was too complicated for me to handle on the long run.

Stay tuned for new photos coming up during the next days. Until then, feel free to send me comments, press the Facebook LIKE button on the bottom of the page or like my Facebook profile. Later today, I will post a new so far unpublished picture on Facebook/Google+.

BridgingRosental Dezember 2006